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Apetech Automotive is located at 10,000 m2 indoor facility at the address Çerkeşli OSB Mahallesi İmes 6. Cadde İmes Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Sitesi No: 9 Dilovası, 41455 Kocaeli – Turkey.

According to the environmental impact assessment analysis we conducted with consideration to life cycle approach for our products and activities as well as analysis of internal and external factors that impact our achievement of our strategic goals , Apetech A.Ş. has aimed to minimize its environmental impact and create a sustainable system for these efforts with our EMS.

Within this context, the scope of EMS covers fulfilling the requirements of ISO 14001 standard and legal requirements in production of brake pads and brake shoe linings and accessories for the automotive industry from project to product delivery as well as our processes where we fulfil sales and after sales services of brake pads, shoe linings, pad accessories, engine and transmission oil and filters (air, fuel, oil, cabin); sorting and recovering wastes, treating industrial wastewater created and recovering them for the process, preventing air pollution by using environment friendly energy and using all resources efficiently and effectively by preventing and eliminating pollution at the source, following, monitoring and continuously improving all compliance obligations and evaluating and meeting the needs of all current and future related parties.

Furthermore, within the scope of EMS, environmental impact of Suppliers and Customers as well as neighbours of Apetech A.Ş. and impact that may stem from them are also covered.