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In line with the expectations of our customers and stakeholders; we adopt the the main principle of following products, services and new technologies, effectively managing risks and opportunities and providing continuous improvement.

In order to realize this principle, We at Apetech Automotive, promise all our customers and stakeholders, that;

  • We will meet high customer satisfaction by producing our products and services with highest quality and efficiency in line with Quality & Environment & OHS conditions, customer requests and national and local regulations,
  • We will make all our employees and related parties adopt Quality & Environment & OHS Management System we created with a production approach that values people and realize activities to increase awareness in order ensure that they finalize their works in time and required quality.
  • We will be sensitive to climate change and ensure a clean and healthy environment is inherited to the next generations.
  • We will utilize recovery and recycling by using Natural Resources effectively and reducing and sorting waste from our operations at the source.
  • We will strive to achieve sustainable “Zero Occupational Accident and Professional Disease” goal by continuously improving our Health and Safety culture
  • We will strive to ensure our employees have a happy life with their families by creating a safe and healthy work environment.