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General Information

Our company protects and processes your personal data you shared with our company within the scope of Law on Protection of Personal Data #6698 and related legislation. In order to protect fundamental rights and freedoms and especially the right of privacy we care for meticulously, we would like to inform you on the “Law on Protection of Personal Data” that is enacted regarding personal data.

Method and Legal Reasons of Collecting Personal Data

Your personal data or information you have sent us through our website, agencies, branches or offices or by e-mail, fax, telephone, SMS or other means verbally, in writing or electronic environment, can be collected to fulfil our legal responsibilities fully and accurately with identification systems called “cookies” that help our computers identify you during your visit or with fully or partially automated methods or non-automatic methods as a part of any data registry system.

Reasons to Process Personal Data

Your personal data can be processed to enable you to use our products and services provided, to manage and follow-up requests and complaints, to prepare and offer you various advantages, for advertisement, promotion, sales, marketing, informing, promotion, informing offers, membership transactions, surveys and customer satisfaction researches, to plan and realise sales and marketing activities, organizing and tracking events such as test drives , analysing vehicles you have purchased and your habits regarding the services of the vehicles and related personal products and services, preparing and presenting various reports, analyses and studies to ensure you can use customer services, consumer rights and other benefits within this scope, planning activities and events for creating or raising loyalty to products and services and offering related services, to conduct financial and accounting transactions, performing risk management, sending all electronic and other communication messages, conducting human resources policies of our company, and such purposes.

Sharing and Transferring Personal Data

Your personal data processed by our company can be transferred to group companies, distributors, business partners, suppliers, service providers and program/service partner institutions we purchase services or cooperate to conduct our operations, social media institutions, social network institutions (facebook, etc.), and public bodies and organizations authorized to demand such data as well as other third parties that you clearly consent, in accordance with safety and confidentiality principles stipulated by the legislation and provided that sufficient and effective measures are taken.

Data Controller

In accordance with Law on Protection of Personal Data #6698, (“The Law”), your personal data will be recorded, stored, updated, disclosed/transferred to third parties as legislation allows, classified and processed as stated in the Law 6698, in accordance with the framework specified above, by Apetech Automotive as the Data Controller.

Data Controller representative to be appointed by our company will be published in data Controller Registry when legal infrastructure is provided and will be announced in our website at

Deleting, Destroying or Anonymizing Personal Data

Your personal data processed for the purposes specified in this Clarification Text in accordance with KVKK, will be deleted, destroyed or used after being anonymized, when the purpose that require them to be processed as per article 7/f.1 of KVKK (Law on the protection of personal data ) ceases to be and/or term of limitations we are bound to process your data as per legislation expires.

Your legal rights

In accordance with article 11 of KVKK, you can apply to our company to;

Learn whether your personal data is processed,

Request related information if your data is processed,

Learn the purpose personal data is processed for and whether their use is fit for the purpose,

Know the third parties at home or abroad your personal data is transferred to,

Request personal data is corrected if they are incomplete or inaccurate and to request such corrections are relayed to the third parties where the data is transferred to,

Request deletion or destruction of personal data when the reasons to process data ceases to be even when these are processed in compliance with Law #6698 and relevant legislation and to request action within this scope to be notified to third parties where personal data is transferred,

Object to any results against himself by analysis of personal data exclusively by automated systems, and Claim for compensation of damages arising from processing personal data in violation of the law.

In accordance with article 13, paragraph 1 of KVKK, you can relay your request to use your above rights to our company in writing or other means specified in the Law on Protection of Personal Data.

Request delivered within this scope will be concluded by our company free of charge within at most thirty days. However, in cases where Personal Data Protection Board stipulates a fee, our company will collect the stipulated fee in the defined tariff.

You can fill the form at for your requests to use your rights specified in article 11 of KVKK with the information required for your identification and bring a signed copy to our address at Çerkeşli OSB Mahallesi İmes OSB Sitesi 6.Cadde No:9 Dilovası / KOCAELİ in person with related documents, or send via notary or any other means specified in KVKK or send the form to with secure electronic signature.

Apetech Automotive Website Terms of Use

All prices, information, pictures, depiction and news (“information” in general) at the website is only for promotion and information purposes. User cannot, in any way claim that “information” is inaccurate or claim for damages based on these information.

Users accept that when they intend to make a transaction referring to such information they are obliged to learn final and reliable information from Apetech Automotive and Apetech Automotive has no responsibility due to information published at the website being obsolete.

Apetech Automotive reserves its right to change the content of the website and the application at its own discretion, to change or terminate any service provided to users and to delete information and data of users kept at website. Apetech Automotive has taken every measures to ensure its website is free of errors but does not guarantee in any way, any present or potential errors.

Information on standard and optional features of vehicles and recommended sales prices published on website are valid as of the last update date. To obtain definite information on vehicles, we emphasize that you contact Apetech Automotive. Within this scope, Apetech Automotive states that (unless it is explicitly specified to the contrary), information on the website are not a sales proposal and do not constitute a commitment on behalf of Apetech Automotive.

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