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The underlying philosophy of Apetech productive activities is continuous research, development and testing of new friction material compounds to meet challenging market requirements with respect to performance, comfort, safety and service life. Alternative compounds are analysed and evaluated constantly. Brake products produced by Apetech are based on highest quality, ecologic material fully supported by ECE R-90 approval. 

Our long term strategy on new friction compounds are not related to costs but only to providing the best products available with the most advanced technology.

In order to advance technology and to have a say in the industry, Apetech advances its research operations by investing in various innovation areas. We initiate the foundation of our R&D Centre to gather these works under a single roof and run systematically by 2021. Our R&D works are run with support of Kocaeli University Technology Transfer Office (KOÜTTO).

Apetech has the state of the art technological equipment in all areas. Apetech Central Lab built over 380 m2 indoor area provides customer support services together with machinery and equipment development, new product development, test method development, material research and process development, product improvement and technology development.