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Apetech has brake hydraulic oils in 250ml and 500ml packages that cover all vehicle models with Dot 3, Dot 4 and Dot 5.1.

Viscosity and boiling point interact perfectly to enable brakes to react fast and reliably for each vehicle and application. We have the accurate brake hydraulics required for all vehicles including old vehicles, new vehicles and vehicles with ABS and ESP.

High quality additives in our brake liquids provide high boiling point, perfect viscosity in cold weather and protection against corrosion.

DOT 3 brake hydraulics

DOT 3 brake hydraulic is designed for vehicles with hydraulic clutch systems and brake drums in the front and the back. Furthermore, some Japanese automobile manufacturers recommend DOT3 brake hydraulic for some of their models with ABS and ESP systems.

DOT 4 brake hydraulics

We recommend DOT 4 brake hydraulic for vehicles with disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear. DOT 4 is also suitable for vehicles with disc brakes all around and vehicles with ABS

DOT brake hydraulic is suitable to support vehicles with electronic stability programs and ABS. As seen from the wide scope of DOT 4 brake hydraulic, it is a perfect choice for those wishing to serve many vehicles.

DOT 5.1 brake hydraulic

Latest addition to the Apetech brake hydraulic product range is DOT 5.1.offers an extra level of safety and is  ideal for heavy and high performance vehicles, DOT 5.1 is ideal for vehicles with advanced driver support systems such as ESP, ABS and ASR and this means brakes will operate best in every condition