FILTERS (Air-Cabinet-Oil-Fuel-Drier)

Apetech oil filters, pollen(cabinet) filters, air filters and drier filters are produced by OEM quality materials to offer excellent performance and durableness in facilities those have ISO TS 16949, QS 9000,ISO 9001/2, EAQF 94 and ISO 14001:2004 quality certificates.

Apetech filter product group covers 98% of European, Asian and American vehicle park with more than 3000 reference.


Air Filter

Apetech air filters  product range are panel, oval, round and conical filters and works even in the hardest conditions securely. Apetech air filters allows fuel-air rates’ optimum compound and allows motor performance to be stable. It helps fuel consumption to be reduced.


Oil Filters

Motors are based on high performance and less fuel consumption at the present time. Apetech oil filters are designed to take motor oil cleaning to the highest level. Therefore it avoids motor oil to be effected by dust, carbon, metal and similar particles and it avoids motor oil to be wasted before right time. Apetech oil filters product range includes Spin-on filter (atom oil filter), filter factors and hydraulics oil filter.


Fuel Filter

If you don’t want to take risk by buying a fuel filter , buy Apetech fuel filter. The most significant need of motor is clear fuel. New generation injection systems are so sensitive about fuel. Apetech fuel filters allows your fuel to be purified from particles such as water, rust, dust, dirt those may cause corrosion and allows your motor to be secured. Apetech fuel filters product range includes atom filter, tiered filters and filter factor.


Cabinet Filter

Bad air quality generally causes dust smoke and pollen in cabinet environment. Apetech cabinet air filters lowers this range.  It avoids outside dirty smell and entrance of harmful gas into cabinet at maximum level due to carbons in it.  If it is equal, it allows regular air-flow with its range. It allows vehicle’ air conditioner and fan to work with high performance even at places where tunnel and traffic are busy. Apetech cabinet filters product range includes active carbon cabinet air filter, cabinet air filter and particle filters.