If you want brake technology at the level of original equipment, you are at the safe side with Apetech. If subject is the highest quality, maximum safety, the most proper brake comfort and innovative solutions, this is our profession in market and you can always utilize from our experience.

Quality and variation is for everybody.

 Apetech with more than 1.800 brake pad, more than 1.350 brake disc, more than 425 brake shoe & hand break lining,  covers more than 98% of  Asia, Europe and American vehicles references and is leader in market with this rate.



Apetech has the most comprehensive product range in market with more than 1.800 disc brake linings. Apetech brake linings are produced as specially formulated with “Nano 3-D” technology as a first in the world.

 “Nano 3-D” technology avoids sound and noise by unifying  ceramic and metalic lining features in one lining, at the same time it provides minimum powder, 50% longer life and maximum level braking performance.

Apetech brake linings are produced in facilities with high technology that has ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001;2004, ISO 9001,QS 9000 and TUV  certficates.

Carbonization is made on Apetech brake linings by heating surface at 600-700 degree in accordance with OE standard. This helps grinding duration and brake performance loss at beginning to be reduced. Reduces vibration and sound to minimum.

Apetech brake linings are eco-friendly with heavy metal unused product range.

Apetech brake linings has “European Inspection Standards ECE R90” quality certificate that is needed for European Union and European vehicle manufacturers.



Apetech high carbon brake discs covers more than 98% of Asia, Europe and American vehicles park by more than 1.350 references. Apetech brake discs were adapted to our brake linings’ performance and abrasion handle excellently.

O.E. Quality Disc Production

All our castings are produced from GG20 or GG15HC high carbon.

  • Apetech high carbon brake linings provides opportunity to linings for working colder with its thermal conductive feature and more balanced braking performance is acquired.
  • Apetech high carbon brake linings don’t bend, brake, crack and provides a great performance with no noise and no vibration.

Apetech brake linings are produced in accordance with minimum tolerance value approved by O.E.M,

  • Lining thickness change does not excess 0,015 mm.
  • Run Out: Spilling: 0,05 mm.
  • Low melting temperature is (1.140 C – 1.200 C)

100% balance check is made on Apatech brake linings at the end of production.

Apetech presents brake linings bearing with Bearing and ABS sensor ring to refurbishment market.

Apetech brake linings helps brake linings to get used to brake discs snappily by high-qualified surface works and  allows maximum braking.  Also Apetech brake discs are first choice of professionals due to always being leader and competitive price advantage.



Apetech have the most comprehensive product range with more than 425 shoe/hand break linings.

Apetech shoe linings are produced in accordance with environment with asbestos an no heavy metal included  linings.

O.E qualified shoe & hand brake lining are produced and at the end of 100% production  check is made.

Apetech shoe linings provide high corrosion with its long life and the best performance.